Preguntas Frecuentes (FAQ)

What is a watt hour (Wh)? How to calculate energy usage.

​A Watt hour (Wh) represent the estimated amount of energy an electrical appliance consumes in one hour. An appliance usually has the wattage it uses written on a label. This label is often at the back or bottom of the appliance.

To work out the Wh take the watts (W) of the appliance and multiply this with the hours used on an average day.

Example - Portable Fridge
If you're on a day trip with a portable fridge that consumes 25 watts to operate, one of our Yeti 500X power stations will be able to keep it on for approximately 20 hours.

25W * 20 = 500

How long do our power stations last?

 Product Duration*
Yeti 500X

Portable Fridge (25W): 20 hours
Mini Fridge (35W): 14 hours
42" LED TV: 5 hours
Lamp (11W): 46 hours

Yeti 1000X

Portable Fridge (25W): 40 hours
Mini Fridge (35W): 28 hours
Full-Size Fridge (55W): 18 hours 
42" LED TV: 10 hours
Lamp (11W): 90 hours

Yeti 1500X

Portable Fridge (25W): 60 hours
Mini Fridge (35W): 42 hours
Full-Size Fridge (55W): 28 hours 
42" LED TV: 15 hours
Lamp (11W): 136 hours

Yeti 3000X

Portable Fridge (25W): 120 hours
Mini Fridge (35W): 86 hours
Full-Size Fridge (55W): 55 hours 
42" LED TV: 31 hours
Lamp (11W): 273 hours

Yeti 6000X

Portable Fridge (25W): 240 hours
Mini Fridge (35W): 171 hours
Full-Size Fridge (55W): 110 hours 
42" LED TV: 60 hours
Lamp (11W): 545 hours

* times are approximate.


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